March, 2022  – The adventure begins.

The Birth of Back to the Office.

17th March 2022, Back to the Office is officially incorporated, soon after sales start coming in for all things tech. Online retail of Tech products, office supplies and gaming peripherals.


August, 2022 – Expansion.

Back to the Pets Expansion.

25th August 2022, soon after the successful launch of Back to the Office, we expanded our product offering into the Pet supplies industry with Back to the Pets. Supplying Pet toys, food, and all pet related equipment.


January, 2023 – The BackTo Group

Time to bring the brands together.

9th January 2023, The creation of our corporate Group has been officially launched. The BackTo Group is the corporate group that manages our brands moving forward.


June, 2023 – Roll the Music!

We Welcome Back to the Music.

It’s June 2023 and the time has come to add Back to the Music to the lineup as we venture into the Music Retail Industry selling musical instruments, DJ equipment & various music supplies. 


2023 – 2024 – Back to the…

The Building Continues.

In the year 2024 we plan to expand our range into many more industries, offering more products.